Ultimate Guide For Online Review Management

Table of Content 

  • Introduction 
  • What Online Review Management?
  • Why It Is Important For Your Business?
  • How To Manage Your Online Reviews
    • Get Listed
    • Monitor Your Reviews
    • Ask For Feedback
    • Respond To Your Feedback


  • Final Words


Even with a perfect location, efficient reputation management teams businesses need their professional online presence to flourish in the web world. Thousands of businesses are popping up every day, making the scenario harder than before. Preparing a tight plan and making your digital identity is a must to win the race.


When trying to drum up your online popularity, most small businesses take advantage of social media and paid advertising. Maybe running contests and give away on Instagram.


 But do you know the real secret?


Let us reveal that for you.


It’s none other than online reviews.


Yes! Online reviews can be a game-changer for your business. Explore the power of five-star rating and positive feedback, keep scrolling to know the facts behind your online reviews. Let’s get into it. 


What is Online Review Management?


Before the emergence of the internet, word of mouth worked as a great marketing strategy.  In today’s digital era, word of mouth has ventured an online review. Thanks to online reputation management services particularly review management, so that businesses can control their image in front of their customers.

Online review management services help your business to collect, manage and respond to online feedback. The target is to show your shiny part to your customer.


With these tactics, you can appreciate your positive reviewer, show gratitude to your happy customer, handle your hater and get insight into your companies goodwill in the market.

Why is it Important for your Business?

Even a few years ago businesses were not aware of the importance of review management. But now the scenario has changed, without managing your reviews you will be damaging your integrity, transparency, and loyalty as a business.

Positive feedback has the potentiality to drags a few more customers to your business. Happy loyal customers spread nice words about your business that fuels its growth. So it is crucial to maintain your reviews properly.

How to Manage Online Review

Well, you have been informed about what online reviews are and why they are important for your business. Let’s throw the light on how you should manage them. here are few ways for you, they are-

  • Get Listed
  • Monitor Your Reviews
  • Ask For Feedback
  • Respond To Your Feedback


Get Listed

Sign up for review sites and get your business listed is the first step of getting more reviews on social media and other platforms. Research about the platforms, some review giants like – Google, Yelp, Facebook.

The more sites and social media channels you use, it maximizes your chance of getting a review.


Monitor Your Reviews

Depending on your business’s size and nature, you may need to spend few minutes to an hour monitoring your review. Do that daily to point out any new comments that pop up that need to respond or addressed.

You can always set an alert on Google alert, or social media listening tool. Any time anyone mentions your business name or product on the web, you will get notified. This is a great way to monitor what people are talking about your business.

Ask For Feedback

Often customers don’t leave a reply until they have an amazing or a horrible experience. Ask your previous and current clients to share their experiences on the web. It helps other people to make decisions about your business.


The trick is to ask your customer for a review just after purchasing your product or availing of your service. The experience is fresh in their mind at that time, you can encourage them to write good words about your business. It could be an email, video testimonial, or any digital media channel. 


Moreover, if you ask your customer for feedback, they will also feel that you care about their experience. 

Respond to Your Feedback 

Even if you are trying your best to serve your customers the best, still you might get negative feedback. Set aside few hours to craft a well-written polite message that turns your hater into loyal customers. Don’t try to avoid the situation or delete your negative feedback. Your potential leads are also watching how you are dealing with your negative reviewer.


If you find it daunting to reply to negative comments, consider hiring an online reputation pair expert who can handle all hassle for you.



You can’t ignore the importance of online reviews. Take great care of it to clarify your brand image in the market.  Follow the necessary tactics or seek help from an agency that can guide you thoroughly. Talk to them, share your requirement and invest in review management tools that will make your life easier.

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