Some Elegant Ideas for Your Next Tea Party

 After a long week or month, the best thing to lift your spirits is by having a nice gathering with your circle and having tea in the afternoon at a garden and obviously along with snacks. You can either have tea in the garden or high-tea in the afternoon inside your house to get rid of all the negative vibes you got.

Opening up with your loved ones while taking a sip of tea is the best feeling in the world. So, we have brought you some great ideas to make your tea party look and feel amazing this summer. 

Now let’s talk about these ideas in detail so that you can understand them easily. 

  1. Table Decoration:

Setting the table is the first and most important thing to do for a tea party. After all, you will sit around this table and have a talk. For decorating your table, use the cups and plates from the same set because you don’t want your friends or family to think that you ran out of cups. Use teapots and books to enhance the aesthetic value of your table. 

To top it all of you should get some flowers and place them inside a beautiful vase to give a cozy feeling. While selecting flowers, make sure you buy the flowers which are soft on the eyes. Don’t buy red roses because they are very vibrant, and you are looking to relax instead, choose tulips, creamy color flowers, white roses, pink flowers, and other light summer colors. 

  1. Delicate Snacks:

Tea party calls for sweet and also savory flavors, and you can’t go wrong with light snacks like sandwiches. Along with cake, pastries you can serve some sandwiches to give your friends an extra option to choose from. 

Make the sandwiches triple-tiered or more to give them extra height and to look like a person who takes good care of their guests. There are many recipes for tea-time sandwiches, and you can easily find them on YouTube and Google. 

  1. Pastries and Macarons:

A tea party wouldn’t be a tea party without pastries. Not only do they look pretty but they are full of flavors. You can order macarons and pastries online if you don’t have time to go pick them up by yourself. 

This will enhance the look of your table and make your guests happy. A tip here is that don’t buy or make the pastries of the same flavor; give your guests many options to choose from. 

  1. Let A Party Planning Company Make the Arrangements for You:

If you are a working person or don’t have the time to arrange all the things, you can contact a party planning company. These companies will take care of everything, starting from pastries to the tea party’s whole feel. 

You just need to tell them the theme you want for your party, and they’ll start their work, or you can choose from their lookbook. 

  1. Multiple Flavors of Teas:

Another thing you can do for a better experience for your guests is that you can give them choices for tea flavor. Since you are meeting after a long time, there are chances that your guests’ taste might have changed from the previous gathering, and you don’t want them to feel left out. 

For this reason, you can select tea boxes that have different flavors in them or order a customized bundle online depending upon the preference of your guests. 

  1. Send Invitations 2 To 4 Weeks Before:

In addition to specifying time, date and, location it is a good idea to send invitations before. You can ask your guests to notify you of any allergies so that you can plan the menu accordingly. 

By doing this, you will make sure that none of your guests feel left out. This will also allow your guests to plan their schedule by keeping the tea party’s date in mind. 

  1. Make A Top Playlist:

For tea parties, the main focus is to get together and talk about different topics. Make sure that you choose the playlist that increases the ambiance but doesn’t destroy your talk. Classical songs or jazz is the best option, and you can never go wrong with them at these kinds of parties. 

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