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Do you always struggle while encouraging your students while teaching online? Encouraging quotes from students can only serve as a way to make them think about it, but will it put them in the act of really rejuvenating their lives because of the motivation given? Don’t worry, parents and teachers often question their ability to motivate. In this blog, we learn how to instruct your students, teach them to succeed without sound control and power.


It is about the process and not the result


Constantly talking to your students about the importance of good marks will not help them because the simple idea of ​​getting good marks translates into endless learning and staying up night and day.


Instead, teach them to recognize their abilities. If they learn from you that the process of learning to be well-calculated happens every day, and you show them the joy of daily practice because you work hard and dream, they will find happiness in it. There can be no better motive than the idea of ​​having great knowledge of something you love.


Discuss the benefits of not studying for good grades, but just knowing. This will not happen unless they ask for things.

Allow them to express their wishes freely. Listen to their instructions suggesting their app-based methods by which they can prepare to achieve their goals. Having a clear goal and a mindset is enough motivation for them, even more than encouraging readers’ quotes.

Help them gather resources they can use to achieve their goals, and explain the rewarding career paths ahead.

He appreciated their efforts and commended them for their efforts.


Support interests


Some students are taught the lesson that no one in the world will help you, listen to you, take care of you so you have to do it yourself. Get professional advice, and do not do that. Studies show that there is more to life than optimism. When students learn to appreciate the value of self-reliance, they fail to build a good environment. They cannot inspire themselves and others again.


However, when good values ​​are taught to them early on and people are more interested in their own creativity, they learn to do the same for others. This world can be a better place if we learn to be kind to ourselves and to teach kindness to others in the same way. As a parent and teacher, it should start with your children.


Respect their independence


Your students are on the verge of becoming adults. They will discover and rediscover themselves at different times in their lives. On the way to becoming someone, they find themselves in the strong chains of normal life. This brings them down.


The schedule is incorrect, the firmness and flexibility are really important. You should respect the independence of your students, given the set of existing rules and teaching online, and at home. allow them to have free time where they can choose what to do, this will develop the necessary decision-making skills again. After all, experiential learning is the best form of learning!


A clear way to communicate


Listening is a very important part of establishing a clear line of communication between you and your students. Teaching online unfortunately has broken this line because you cannot have real-time conversations and reactions while talking to a student.


However, by practicing listening attentively, giving them your full attention, you encourage them to open up. Understand that they simply want to be heard without being judged. When students have sudden behavioral problems, it can be an indication of a lack of motivation to have good public health. You need to encourage them to open up, and also give friendly advice so that the parents can take care of the home environment.


Develop good habits


Not good simple habits like eating, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep. All of this is encouraging to them because they think that their lifestyle is healthy enough, so their learning life should be the same.


Encourage good practice habits such as reviewing topics after class so that they are motivated to know what to teach in the next class. This is a productive way of motivating because they are not only willing to learn more but also have a deeper knowledge of previously taught topics.

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