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 NZ is a fantastic spot for living and working. Too many people come here on vacation, fall in love with the place and then go back to work and live.

One way to secure your move to New Zealand is to find a place to live and work that fits you best. That is why we have looked at New Zealand’s best places and made our top ten.

There are plenty of lists telling you the best places to live in New Zealand tour packages and the coolest places to live in New Zealand (check out!) But our workers and our customers are all about it – where do they think New Zealand is the best place to live?

To live in New Zealand 8 Best Places

1. Queenstown

Quéenstown was probably the number one destination people would decide to live in New Zealand, perhaps predictably. Queenstown is an incredible place. The destination is year-round, with wonderful outdoor activities and world-class skiing in the summer months in the winter.

It is perfect for people of all ages, young and old alike and it is also a great place to find jobs for so many different industries in and around the city. The price of housing is high, so you will have to live in one of the suburbs (recently overtaking Auckland as the highest in the country), but that is very good.

2. Napier

Napier is on our list at number two. Napier is a beautiful location right in the heart of Hawke’s Bay to build if you intend to relocate to New Zealand. Living costs in Napier are much lower than in major cities such as Auckland, Wellington, and Queenstown, making it an appealing offer, but in and around the area, there remain enough companies to find jobs.

Napier has something going on outside of work. Great wineries, a wonderful seashore, wonderful golf courses, and some wonderful bike routes. It also benefits from its fair share of sunlight during the year and appears to be a little colder than Auckland.

3. Rotorua

Rotorua is certainly one of the best places for living in New Zealand, though if you are looking for something different. This is a tourist destination that means many jobs. Thanks to the geothermal attractions the city is most popular for which a lot of tourists flock here in the winter months. it is also a year-round destination.

Rotorua is centrally located on the North Island and thus super accessible. The ski slopes in Mt Ruapehu and about 2.5 hours are within 3 hours from Auckland, Napier, Coromandel Peninsula, and Mt Maunganui.

4. Auckland

Auckland is therefore possibly the most popular destination for people who come from abroad to stay. In New Zealand’s largest city there are more workers, which means that Auckland is more than just large city jobs. It is a normal drawing. Auckland is one of the world’s best waterfront cities and a wonderful living spot.

Auckland is a town with plenty to offer, with plenty of beaches, fantastic regional parks, great restaurants, great outdoor spaces, theaters, walking, sports, and more. The fourth explanation is because of the traffic and accommodation. On the roads around Auckland, there are a lot of cars and the housing price is very high.

5. Tauranga/Mt Maunganui

In recent years, Tauranga’s reputation as a destination for Kiwis and ex-pats has grown and it’s easy to see why. Situated on the eastern coast of the northern island, Tauranga is a magnificent waterfront area. There are plenty of jobs with numerous industries (it’s a busy port town) and although home prices are rising, home setup is still a fair place.

Tauranga and Mt Maunganui in the vicinity are two of the most popular tourist resorts in New Zealand, especially in the Auckland region. Tauranga is one of the best places to live in New Zealand with beautiful beaches, nightlife, and near proximity to places such as Taupo, Rotorua, and Coromandel.

6. Wellington

The capital city of New Zealand must be one of New Zealand’s most cool cities – it’s one of the coolest! This may be small, but Wellington has been doing a lot. It can be small. It’s the second-largest New Zealand town behind Auckland (by population), so many are calling Wellington home. There are many of them.

Wellington is home to our National Museum, Te Papa, and not only to New Zealand’s parliament. Wellington, like Auckland, has a waterfront venue, with Oriental Beach frequently leading to the favorite beaches of New Zealand.

7. New Plymouth

When Taranaki was voted as one of the ‘Must Visit’ destinations in 2017, the Lonely Planet helped place the area on the world map. New Plymouth can be a little bit like a limb in the south-western corner of the north of New Zealand, but those who are traveling and living in it are secret—New Plymouth is a pretty great area.

It has quickly become a city for the ‘hipsters,’ so the cost of living has risen slightly. But for your buck, you get some bang. New Plymouth has one of New Zealand’s best arts scenes with many excellent galleries and the city’s arty bohemian feel.

8. Christchurch

Christchurch is the largest town on the South Island and is very popular with expatriates. Christchurch is a marvelous city that has been renovated in the wake of the 2011 huge earthquake. Despite the retrogression, the city has become stronger and brought together the people of Christchurch, and vibrant culture in and around the city is one of New Zealand’s best places to stay.

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