How to Install Your New Sapphire Windows: A Step-by-Step Guide

Your new windows are finally installed and ready to go! But before you jump right into being comfortable in your home, it’s important to know how to maintain your new windows. Here are some important tips on how to keep your windows looking their best for many years.


There is no doubt that your windows will see lots of use, and over time they will collect a lot of dust. Make it easy on yourself and clean your windows at least once a year. Wipe the windows with a damp cloth and remove dust and dirt with a cotton swab. If you have a regularly cleaned window kit or the windows are double-glazed, you may need to clean them more often. Sealing your windows may seem like a superfluous task, but sealing the frames, units, and sashes will make them last longer and increase their durability.


Repairing Scratches

According to experts, the most common problems are paint damage from outdoor cars and other people’s shoes. It’s important to prevent the scratch, if possible, or to remove it as soon as it’s spotted. Use a cleaner containing alcohol and some detergent to remove paint scratches on metal or wood. If the window is made of glass, you can clean your windows with water and a squeegee. To prevent paint damage to glass, consider using window film, which has multiple layers to prevent water from dripping on the glass. Downspouts and Leaks Did you know that some materials that are poured inside the home can migrate inside the windows and cause problems? Even the well-designed and waterproof windows can still have leaks.


Protecting from Dirt and Uneven Weather

The biggest reason why your windows seem dirty is that they’re exposed to dirt and rain. As winter comes, don’t leave your windows open, even if it’s just for ventilation. Instead, keep them closed to keep the cold air from getting in. And the extra UV rays from the sun will make your windows even dirtier. When the windows are closed, you should wipe them with a solution of one part bleach to nine parts water. The solution will help to disinfect the glass and clean off any bits of dust and dirt from the exterior. After it’s rinsed off, let the sapphire window air dry before using your vacuum to finish the job. Avoid Using Glass Cleaners Using glass cleaner or abrasive cleaners can actually cause your windows to get worse.


Maintaining Your Windows

Install new Windows in Your Home: Make sure your windows are properly installed so you can maximize the quality and overall lifespan of your new windows. Schedule Regular Check-ups: Clean your windows once a year and inspect them for scratches and leaks. Be sure to allow enough time for the process, and take off days from work if necessary. Routine Refreshing: While you’re refreshing your windows, schedule regular services to clean your windows. Regular maintenance keeps your windows fresh and eliminates the need to replace the windows altogether. Brush-Off: When your windows are dirty or encrusted with grime, all you need is a simple brush to clean them up. If you have a standalone blind in the window, you can bring your brush with you and brush off your window while you are at work.



Whether you’re a keen Dyer or you need to hire the help of a window restoration contractor, there’s no denying the fact that many windows are pretty expensive to purchase. However, a number of them will come with an incredibly low cost to maintain as well as a lifetime guarantee. This means that if you decide to purchase a new window or window renovation, there will be no regrets. This type of window will last for a lifetime, and its low cost may tempt you to keep your existing windows. But regardless of whether or not you keep your existing windows, you will be able to save significant money by installing a new kind of window.


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