Essential Tips to Design Your Kitchen in A Retro Style to Give It A Vintage Look

 Vintage or retro-style kitchens share some specific features like coziness and convenience. They are good enough to create a comfortable and warm ambiance. They have their own charm and chic though not posh. So, your friends won’t feel shaky or tense to have dinner or enjoy an evening conversation sitting in your kitchen. 

Vintage kitchen design tips 

Some people like to introduce some alterations to their existing kitchen to give it a vintage look. If you too want this, at the onset, you need to choose vintage kitchen cabinets. Being retro is always in trend. It can turn your cooking space into something that will be remarkably charming. Let’s have a quick look at some tips to give your kitchen a retro look. 

  • The use of retro patterns – Wallpapers cover a good amount of space inside a room. They can set a primary atmosphere. To create a vintage ambiance, choose geometric patterns for the wallpapers. Cover a part of the wall with these papers to give the kitchen an extravagant look. 

  • Proper tiling – Tiling is a wise decision not only for bathrooms but also for vintage kitchens. White brick-shaped tiles associate with an old style. Also, white adds more light to the space. 

  • Open storage – This is another good decision to give a kitchen an old look.  You might already have some open shelves in the kitchen. If so, you won’t need to work more. Just use some items that reflect the idea of being vintage. You can use glasses, bowls, plates, teapots, and others, and display them on the open vintage cabinets. These items can be easily available in the market, pawnshops, and garage sales that offer vintage stuff. 

  • Colorful cabinets – Cabinets are the most functional furniture in terms of a kitchen. The vintage look is marked by an exclusive range of colors like pickle and sage, marigold, and teal. You can also use a bright color to paint the kitchen cabinets. Or else, just leave them white as this will add contrast. 

  • The use of some sleek accessories – If you want to add modern spirit to your retro kitchen, try implementing some metallic items. This applies to RTA kitchen cabinets as well. 

  • Curtains – These are significant attention. They cover a large space in the kitchen. Like other vintage items, curtains are also easily available in garage sales and pawn shops. They are unique owing to their peculiar and exclusive style and pattern. If you can’t find curtains as per your requirements, visit a fabric store and choose some vintage prints. Now hand the material to the tailor to make curtains for your kitchen. 

  • Change the hardware – Changing the hardware will also work. It doesn’t mean that you have to discard all existing ones. Just change the knobs or pulls and see the wonder. Glass knobs, for example, will look great. You can also try silver or golden knobs. 

Retro or vintage kitchens are the place that looks like a showcase. Placing some old items would add special vintage charms. 

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