Best Cell Phone Tracker to Protect Your Kids Online

 Parents nowadays look to track kids’ phones for many reasons. The reasons pertain to kids involving in criminal activities, viewing inappropriate content online, and criminals trying to exploit kids through criminals activities like harassment, cyberbullying, and more.

This is an alarming situation, as the most pressing responsibility of the parents is to protect kids from all kinds of threats and thefts to ensure healthy moral and social life for them. 

The use of the internet and social networks is actually the root cause of many problems in regard to the kids. The kids have got so much fond of using the internet and social networks in the current digital fixture. 

The recent Covid situation has also turned the tables around, which made kids using excessive cell phones as more of their academic activities have switched to a virtual mode of learning. 

So, it has become a serious point of concern for parents to maintain a safe life balance for the kids. 

Actually, the impact of these problems is massive on the kids; the kids using excessive digital gadgets get addicted to using the internet, which in turn badly affects their academic performance and standing. Moreover, such kind of take-ups also poses serious implications to their physical and mental health because they always remain connected to their mobile phones. 

If we talk about harassment and other bullying activities over the kids, it is observed that these are done by cybercriminals to press and force kids into revealing the financial details of their parents. 

These criminals then use these detail to gain illegitimate financial benefits, which can come to haunt the family in the future. 

So, the ultimate goal and responsibility of the parents are to make sure the extensive security of their kids from all potential threats of this kind.

For this purpose, the parent needs to incorporate a strong mechanism of monitoring that can track all the activities of their kids in the absence of the parents. 

There can be different methodologies to track the kids, but we will be discussing the best, which is the use of a cell phone tracker for monitoring kids all the way. A fine cell phone tracker can record each and every bit of communication over the child’s phone, thus enabling the parents to have a fair view about the real-time insights into the child’s whereabouts. 

The best cell phone tracker nowadays that is preferred by the parents is TheOneSpy. It has the most promising spying features that are not offered ever before. The app can be installed on kids’ iPhones and android devices; the child does not get any clue of the spying activity. 

The parent needs to buy the subscription of the application, need to get physical access to the target device, and install the app on the device. It is highly complemented by its existing users. The review of the key features is as follows.

Spy 360 records surrounding

The spy app allows bugging the mic or front or back camera of the target device that allows knowing about the real-time insights into child’s activities. This acts as a physical safety protocol for the child. 

Screen recording over specific application

The parent can assign the cell phone tracker to record all the screen activities while a specific application is in use over the target device. The activities over these apps are recorded in the form of short clips. These short videos are stored in the online web portal of the spy app for later reference as well.

Website blocking

The parent can block a number of websites that are not suitable for a visit by the child. Websites containing inappropriate content can be blocked in such a manner. 

Phone call recording

Phone calls are a vital source of communication among individuals. The parents can listen to all the incoming and outgoing phone calls over the intended child’s device; these calls be saved to the online dashboard after recording. 

Social media monitoring

The chats, multimedia, voice notes, and calls can also be tracked all the way. This provides a fair bit of look into all the real-time insights into the child’s communication take-ups. 

Internal storage tracking

This allows tracking all the contacts, calendars, appointments, browsing history, and other browser functions. Thus the cell phone tracker earns full control to the parents all the way.


The best app that can protect the kids from threats of internet and digital networks is TheOneSpy. The key features of the app are discussed.

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