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For all Diablo 2 fans out there, this year has proved to be very good, mainly because of the announcement of the Diablo 2 remake game which will be officially called as Diablo 2 : Resurrected. This announcement has come after nearly two decades and has filled every Diablo 2 fan’s heart with immense happiness. What is known right now is that the Diablo 2 remake game will actually be quite faithful to the original but with better graphics for sure because dated 2-D graphics, just won’t cut it in the age of 4K and 3D. Fans can expect the Diablo 2 remake game to be quite good because the company which is actually tasked with premastering this particular game has actually proven to be quite successful with remastering different games, in the past couple of years. Let’s have a look at some of the most important things that are currently in public domain about the Diablo 2 remake game. SPOILER ALERT :- some of these things are really going to excite the fans!

1. Diablo 2 remake will be a 3D game :- Diablo 2 was in 2D and it look pretty great in its time, but cut to 20 years, later, 2D just won’t cut it with the fans who are quite used to games in 3D. Visuals have improved substantially in the past couple of years and thus it has become quite imperative upon all video game makers to ensure that the game they are making or premastering is at least in 3D. It is learned that the Diablo 2 remake game will have 3D assets that will surely seem a lot real. 

2. The game will be available on all the major consoles :- The announcement at this year’s Blizzconline says that the Diablo 2 remake game will be released on all the major consoles right from PS5 to the Xbox Series X to the Nintendo Switch and you can even play the game on PC through Battle.Net. That’s not all, the Diablo 2 remake game will also surely be released on PS4 and also Xbox One. 

3. There will be cross progression :- Ever since the news came out that Diablo 2 remake game will be released on major consoles, fans all around the world, have speculated whether the consoles will allow for cross-progression. For the uninitiated, cross-progression means that a player might be allowed to continue with a particular character, regardless of the system or device that they might be playing on. 

4. It might come out in late 2021 :- As of writing this, no official date is known for the release of Diablo 2 remake game. That being said, it is expected that this game will be released in late 2021.  On the basis of previous release schedules of old versions, it can be guesses that the Diablo 2 remake game might hit the shelves, somewhere in the end of 2021.

The Bottom Line

It seems that finally the wait has ended for the fans, who have been waiting for the Diablo 2 remake game for several years now.  Everything that is currently known about this game suggests that it will be a lot better than the original game, which was actually pretty good for it’s time, way back in 2001. The game will look as good as any other game out there in the market and though the game might come out in late 2021, you really won’t have to wait that long, to play this game. But be ready to wait at least a couple of months for playing this game.

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