9 Mistakes That Home Buyers Should Avoid

 Buying a new flat or apartment is surely an exciting thing especially when they are sorted with luxury apartments price but in today’s segment, we will be talking about a few common mistakes buyers make. These mistakes are prone to take place unknowingly, however, we will be talking about what they should do in these situations and how they can avoid the same in the future as well.

For most fresh buyers, the purchase of their first apartment tends to be one of the most special investments they could make in their lives. It takes a lot of courage, thinking, and effort to invest in buying a property amidst all the stress of financial implications. This is the time a fresh-buyer should do their best to get rid of all the potential errors one could make. In this segment, we have made a list of 9 common mistakes they tend to see looking at the records of the buyers and how one should avoid it.

  1. Thinking That Getting A Home Loan Would Be A Piece Of Cake

Fresh home buyers usually have this one belief that getting a home loan would be easier without looking at the loan amount and the bank they would be applying for. The application sending time, approval, and amount disbursing isn’t a quick thing. You will be provided the housing loan by the banks after looking at your eligibility and the property you are looking to buy and whether the amount makes justice with it or not.

  1. Not Worrying About Your Eligibility For The Loan

Stats revealed that most of the individuals looking to buy the house have housing finance. However, the logical thing which they mostly miss initially is to check whether they are eligible for the loan or not. The eligibility is all made up of the contribution of credit-worthiness and savings, later you make a budget in your mind and then ensure you are sticking to it.

  1. Getting A Loan More Than You Could Afford To Pay Off

You might like a property that just blows your mind however first-time buyers should keep in mind that monetary decisions should be made with a cool-headed mind and not just with the flow. You need to avoid making an expense more than you afford so that your dream house at Medallion sector 82 Mohali doesn’t become a liability in the future.

  1. Overlooking The Small Miscellaneous Expenses

Investing in the property is more than a big investment you put in for that itself. It invites various small additional expenses such as paying for the stamp duty and registration while getting your name on the property papers. Along with this, there will be small repair or change expenses as which should be counted in the prior expenses.

  1. Ignoring The Tax Benefits

Not all individuals are well informed about the taxes they have to pay while buying the house and the rebate they can put for the claim under sections of the Income Tax Act. Not paying the taxes for the purchase you have made would be considered the tax evasion you look to avoid.

  1. Knowing The Goodness Of Joint Home Loans

If you are planning to take a joint home loan with your spouse, then it will give you a better probability for loan eligibility and allows you to take a better property that you have eyes for. In case you are unable to pay the loan on time then your spouse will be liable to make the payment. However, if you both are counted in as default, then then the credit-score will be impacted as well for both.

  1. Not Putting In Proper Research For The Home Loans

The interest rate at which you are getting the loan should be the deciding factor whether you should go with a specific lender or not. Let’s consider you are putting in a large chunk of your working life payment for repaying the debt then ensure that you are not moving in blind without putting enough research and diligence for the same.

  1. Investing In The Wrong Home

Most of the fresh buyers ignore how old the property is, what are its disadvantages and disabilities while visiting for the inspection. To avoid making a wrong decision or look for selling the property mid-way in your lifetime, make a thorough inspection while putting the investment.

  1. Going Alone To Make All The Decisions

Buying a home isn’t a short process since it includes lengthy legal procedures and financial aspects. It won’t be a bad decision if you get in touch with a specialist who can provide advice to you for various tasks, the legality of certain actions, and how to get most out of your financial decisions. In the same way, you can hire a property lawyer who can take care of all the legal aspects involved.

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