7 Memorable Movie Characters That Rocked Leather Jackets the Best

 From bomber to biker, all men desire a leather jacket. Half rebellious, half utility, and half personal appeal, brown leather jackets serve several functions. Nothing completes a look on or off the screen quite like an excellent leather jacket. Here are some characters that embodied leather jackets so well that the clothing articles gained their own fan following.

Tyler Durden in Fight Club 

It may be a plain selection but it was a smart one nonetheless. This 70s throwback-style, a rust-red brown leather jacket is indifferent and sleazy. It catches the spirit of the film and Tyler’s character completely and easily. 

The brown leather jacket and Tyler Durden’s name express power. The “ideal man,” arrogance, and disrespect for authority. Moreover, it’s single-breasted with white double sewing. What’s more, is it’s a shirt-style collar with four red plastic buttons. 

Grayback Strabler in The Wild One 

No other character or movie ever elevated the status of leather jackets in fashion like this one. This brown leather jacket reinvented itself. Besides, his painted bad-boy motorbike jacket was the one that started it all. Since then it’s never gone out of trend. Even the decorated “Johnny” on the shoulder continues to be a trend nowadays on jackets as well. Most of all, this jacket captures the gritty freedom that the character feels while riding his bike.

Wyatt in Easy Rider

Leather jackets don’t always all need to be in one color to be incredible. A good number of the most effective ones are often not. This celebrated red, white and blue Yankees jacket supports paint to give it a patriotic feel. It boasts stripes on the left sleeve besides the stars and stripes on the rear. The jacket captures the essence of the movie and Wyatt wears it well enough too. 

John Shaft in Shaft

As a slick big apple city shamus, John Shaft sports a red or brown animal-skin trench coat. Adding an element of authority and cool to his character. Besides, caught in a very war between Mafia homes, he only has his wits and his animal-skin to safeguard him. This leather trench coat is what made Shaft the icon it is today.

Pete Maverick in Top Gun

Tom Cruise’s character Pete Maverick’s bomber combines the passion of soldiery, flying, and motorcycles with one sweet coat. Although this jacket screams the 1980s, it still hasn’t lost its charm. Additionally, with its fur collar and the badges on display, it is truly a timeless fashion statement. Even if you aren’t American, it’s certain that you wished for this jacket after watching Tom Cruise being all handsome in it.

Max Rockatansky in Mad Max

Almost military-inspired, this sparkling black biker jacket is part of Max’s character. No matter which rendition of the character we talk about. As a peace officer searching for revenge, this jacket is an excellent mixture of lawlessness and structure. More than that, it embodies the conflict of the arduous world within which Mad Max’s liquid ecstasy lives. 

While his life has reduced to riding his motorbike around, chasing dangerous guys, and attempting to revive justice to a barren wilderness. By the end of the series, his jacket was soiled, worn, missing an arm. From Gibson to Hardy, this leather jacket was a tool to show Rockastanky’s journey.

John Wick in John Wick

Honorable and knowledgeable assassin John Wick may be a true lone hero. This jacket is deceivingly straightforward and tasteful. Quite similar to Keanu’s character during this film. It is a brown lambskin, including a shirt-style collar, and is waist length. 

In the world of Hollywood blockbusters, it’s common for the lead characters to be rocking jackets. Whether they’re fighting off dangerous guys or prancing around with their lover, leather jackets are a wardrobe staple. And why not? They’re sensible, snug, and therefore the epitome of cool.

Why Are Leather Jackets This Well-Liked in Movies?

Despite the styles and, therefore, the variety that male leads and even female leads usually wear, leather jackets forever have a crucial place. That’s why there are so many iconic ones in movies. Additionally, they are cool on action leads and mysterious in thriller movies. Besides, if the stylists do their job right, they can give off different vibes depending on the character. Maybe you want to be a bad-boy in a rom-com or a man with a mission in a melodrama.

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