Australia Tourist Places To Visit

 A Trip to Australia Planning? Here is a list of Australia’s best tourist destinations

Australia is a continent of islands, a stunning Kangaroo nation that is mixed with a spiritual melting pot. Australia’s only continent to be fully south of the equator is its Summer Christmas and Spring Eastern Christmas. Nature has performed so many wonders in such a complex and to some degree polar opposite continent. Here are a few of the best tourist spots to visit in Australia Tour Packages for your trip to this ‘county down below.’


Australia’s second-largest city and Victoria’s capital, Melbourne, combines the best of Australia. Melbourne is a must-visit destination for all travelers, with a wide variety of activities to enjoy. Melbourne is the place to be from the wildlife parks, the open-air theaters, and the prosperous art scene, to the top-class restaurants and lounges, to sports stadiums and sports events. The Formula 1 Grand Prix is also known in Melbourne. We recommend that you choose a time when you can attend your favorite activities with festivals and events during the year.


Perth, the capital of West Australia, sits on the continent’s south-west coast. Rather remote from other towns, with its youthful atmosphere and its caring attitude, Perth creates a name for itself. Throughout the year, Perth has numerous festivals and its slender restaurants and lounges, sweeping parks, sandy beaches, and excellent markets can draw visitors. The young traveler will enjoy this city. Perth is also a must-visit destination for families with many child-oriented activities.


Brisbane is a booming city, the capital of Queensland state. It was the house of the prisoners sent from Sydney, an ancient British penal colony. Today, however, the city is one of Australia’s most desirable places. Brisbane has become an important destination in Australia through diverse activities such as surfing, wildlife watching, weekend markets, and botanical gardens. There are also many swanky hotels and plush restaurants. A lifetime experience from Brisbane is a hot air balloon ride a few hour’s drive away.

Gold Coast

Gold Coast has sun, sand, and the sea, perhaps the ultimate destination for vacations in Australia. It’s not finishing there. In the Currumbin Wildlife Shrine, there are also various animal species and spellbinding events for the whole family at Warner Bros Movie World, Wet Wild Water World, and the Sea World. This is also a wild party destination with top-of-the-line hotels and pubs. All things considered, Gold Coast will provide every visitor a mixed bag of entertainment choices.

Whitsunday Islands

Whitsunday is the last paradise in Australia, an archipelago of 74 islands. The Whitsunday Islands are a favorite destination for visitors with its own commercial airport and flights from Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns, and Brisbane. These islands boast of Hamilton Island, the popular heart reef you fly to. You must visit Whitehaven Beach and play water-based sports on the islands or encounter the giant stingrays of the Living Coral, Pancake, and Picket. In the only 18 ball course in the reef, you can also play golf. There are many restaurants and taverns in the car-free islands to guarantee fine food and ale.

Phillip Island

Phillip Island, which is located just off the coast of Melbourne, hosts every night at the Summerland Beach the Penguin Parade. Phillip Island is not only home to a number of penguins, but also the Pacific Gulls and the Short-Tailed Shearwaters among other forms, because of its location and the suitable environment. You can go on an old-world wagon trip to Churchill Island or even visit the Koala Conservation Centre. In both of these encounters, the animal lover in you will certainly reveal. Like the children!

Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is one of the most prominent architectural wonders of the 20th century and has several different venues. Sydney Opera House is a World Heritage Site designed by Danish architect Utzon. Its roofs, generally referred to as shells, are made in three different color patterns of tiles, but they appear white far away. Each tile was perfectly designed to match the exact location. More than 8 million people are drawn with more than 15,000 shows per year in over 8 venues. To learn all of the fascinating facts and information about the Sydney Opera House, we suggest taking a guided tour.

The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest living and rising coral reef system. It occupies more than 2300 km with more than 1500 fish species on 900 islands. Six tortoise species are also welcome to breed in the reef. In this area live a large number of dugongs and the humpback dolphin or whale is also found here. Snorkel in the reef or go diving in order to see the natural beauty in the vicinity. Take note that tourist activities are restricted to Cairns and Whitsundays due to comprehensive conservation measures in the region.

Kata Tjuta National Park

This Anangu tribe was originally named after Uluru or the Ayers Rock, Kata Tjuta, or The Olgas. This national park is known for its name. Both are characteristic dome-shaped rocks sacred to the Australian aborigines. The national park in Northern Australia falls under the protected area. It is spread over 1326 m2 and houses over 46 exotic flora varieties and over 40 indigenous fauna species. A three-day pass costs AUD 25, open year-round from sunrise to sunset.

Although these are just a few locations, Australia still has a lot more to come. Start to prepare your journey and allow yourself to be surprised by these places.

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